Time Travelers Log

Evening Rest Stop

As Adventurous Photographers, we travel the American West, Pacific Northwest, Canada and many points beyond capturing moments in time
from the world around us. Photography is our passion, adventuring is our pastime! Panoramic and Macro Photography are our primary areas of
interest. We also produce and create inspirational, uplifting storytelling Scenic & Nature Multimedia Video Productions.

Photographers are adventurous explorers by nature. They are always looking for the right point in time and space, and once they dial in that exact
moment...they push the camera’s shutter! They have captured and stopped that exact moment in time and space for posterity. Needless to say
photographers are...Time Travelers!  This Journal is for like minded Adventurous Time Travelers of all kinds; Hikers, Bikers, RV’ers, Tourists,
Fisherman, and Artists
. We invite you all to follow along on our adventures to amazing and unique locations. Explore time & space with us!

        So choose your adventure and explore…

Disclaimer: Time Travelers should be aware and advised that visits to all the destinations shown herein have been known
to cause extreme unexplainable passions for more return adventures. This is known as Return Visit Syndrome.
We can not be held responsible or liable if this condition occurs. If you so choose to enter a destination, you do so at your own risk!

Click on any image to take you to a particular destination adventure

Jenner by the Sea
Jenner by the Sea, California - Bob Schneider - Post 9/1/2019
Golden Hour at the Coves
Searching the Coves - Bob Schneider - Coming Soon
Sunday in the Redwoods
Redwood Forest, California - Bob & Lori Schneider - Coming Soon
The Meadow
Moods in Nature, USA - Bob Schneider - Coming Soon
Fern Canyon
Fern Canyon, California - Bob & Lori Schneider - Coming Soon
CharismaMacro World, California - Lori Schneider - Coming Soon
Bodega Head Sunset I
Bodega Bay, California - Bob & Lori Schneider - Coming Soon

Emerald BayLake Tahoe, California - Bob & Lori Schneider - Coming Soon

Poert Orford Morning
Oregon Coast Part I - Bob Schneider - Coming Soon
Tahoe in Winter
Lake Tahoe II, California - Bob & Lori Schneider - Coming Soon