About Our Prints

About our Fine Art Canvas Prints

Digital Process
Our photographic images are created and printed using the latest advances in the field of digital technology.
This technology delivers truly uncompromising image quality, surpassing the continuous tone appearance of traditional photographic methods. Our digital darkroom adds new dimensions to all of our photographic work, giving us more creative, artistic freedom and allowing us control over our workflow. We have found greater accuracy, durability, repeatability and consistency in our photography. Most of our digital processing is done
in the field on a laptop computer which allows us to view the images (single shots & stitched panoramas)
before leaving the scene...a definite advantage that lets us know we got the shot! Post processing and final details are completed in our home Workshop/studio. With the use of high-end workstations we prepare the master
digital files using image editing software to remove imperfections, crop & format, make color corrections while maintaining image integrity. These files are then made ready for our digital printers.

Digital Printing
We do all of our own digital printing, mounting and framing which adds our personal touch to each finished print. Our Fine Art Canvas Prints are produced using the Epson Stylus Pro Inkjet printers using archival inks. These printers spray millions of droplets of ink onto the chosen media surface with extreme accuracy,
delivering full, rich color saturation and tonal range, which allows us to achieve excellent details in the bright
whites and the deep blacks.

Canvas Media
All of our Fine Art Canvas Prints are printed on a heavy weave, long lasting, water resistant artist quality canvas. This canvas was selectively chosen for use with our Epson printers for an archival longevity of 80-100+ years.
Our prints are gallery wrapped onto 3/4" wood construction strecher bar frames and ready to hang on any wall. They can also be custom framed if so desired. Each Print is coated with an archival UV - water base protectant, labeled and then signed by the photographer.

Why do we use canvas as our print media?
Canvas gives our prints the appearance of a Fine Art oil painting. There is also no need to mount the print behind glass which means you have a reflection free view of
our images. The end results are truly beautiful, digitally printed, Fine Art Canvas Prints.

Fine Art Paper Media
Our images are also printed on 100% Rag fiber Fine Art Paper by special request only.
These are priced the same as our Fine Art Canvas Prints. The format sizes are the same.They are shipped as prints only, (not mounted) in protective mailing tubes.They are coated with an archival UV protectant, labeled, and signed by the photographer. . Please
contact us

Panoramic Impact
Our panoramic prints are created by taking a series of digital images using a special panoramic head mounted on
a tripod. The number of images required is dependent on the angle of view of the subject being photographed.
These images are then stitched together using a stitching software program. The final panoramic print size is determined by the number of frames used in the stitching process and how it is cropped in our photo editing program.

It is our sincere desire to provide you our customers with the finest quality prints available. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We will refund your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied with your print. We have a 30 day return/exchange policy. All we ask is that you return the prints in their original condition and packaging for protection in mailing.

We approach each photograph as a unique experience and each has a story to show or tell. We enjoy all of the preparation, anticipation, the search, the moment of capture, the post processing and most of all the unveiling
of a new image. Our images are then seen in the eyes of the beholders who may have a story of their own to tell!