Multimedia Video Productions 

Excuse us…At this time we are in the process of creating an on-line ordering system for our website.
This service will be available in the near future. To order any of our Video Productions we ask you to
contact us directly by phone, or send us an e-mail and we will get back with you promptly.

Our Multimedia Video Productions can be viewed anytime on your computer, HDTV, and other Media devices. Collect, build and create your
personal library of relaxing entertainment! Our video productions are produced in HD 1920x1080 .mp4 format. You can purchase them several ways:

1. Once purchased we download your selected videos to you via a file transfer service.
We notified you by e-mail that the file(s) are ready for download to your computer.
2. We load your video selections to on a high quality Flash Drive and ship the video files directly to you via
USPS/Fed-ex/UPS dependent on your location. We also notify you by E-mail that the Flash Drive has been shipped.

Click on the photos below to preview a short excerpt from the video.
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Artistic Impressions
Preview Excerpt
 Music by
$14.95 each
26 Mins  
Original floral photography...digitally enhanced.
Illusions - The artful beauty of deception.
Lori Schneider - Photographer
Taylor Hayward
Through Her Eyes
Through Her Eyes
20 Mins  
Paintings of Contemporary California Impressionist,
Sandra Delong - En Plein Air Painter
Sarajane Williams
24 Mins
Photographer Jerry Berry has captures the slot canyons od the
american Southwest and shown them in a whole new light through
his artistic rendereings from his original photographs.

Mark Heggen &
Jan Michael DeRuyter