Bo & Lori Schneider


Lori Schneider

On my birthday in 1985 I received my first SLR 35mm camera, and holding it in my hands created an exciting energy. After shooting my first few rolls of film and then going through those prints I realized that I loved the art of photography... Thus started my dream of becoming a photographer!

In the later part of 1988 I decided that photographing images just was not enough...I wanted to also create the finished products so I embarked on a career in the photo-finishing industry, working in custom color labs. During this time I learned and enjoyed the pleasure of creating an image. Not only the taking of that image, but also developing the film, and the process of fine tuning the final print in the darkroom....I learned to create magic! The magic of creating an image, which along with the traditional darkroom techniques, now includes today's digital technologies.

In 1997 Bob walked in the front door of the lab I was working at and we became partners in photographic adventures, and soon after that partners in life. We started on the road to fulfilling our mutual dreams of photographing nature’s beauty.   

Although I love to photograph every aspect of the natural world around us, I have an intense joy for portraying the fleeting beauty of flowers; my speciality being macro floral imagery. Getting up close and personal with only a portion of a flower gives me some very unique perspectives...I can achieve a playful image, a sensual image or an image of another dimension!

Photography for me is a way to capture the beauty of the natural wonders this earth has to offer. Whether it’s a sweeping vista of a field of wildflowers, or the delicacy of a single flower petal. Our many adventures have given me a vast palette of colors, shapes, textures and beauty to photograph. 

It is my sincere desire to provide you, my customer with fine art photography that you will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you for taking the time to view my work…


                                     Bob Schneider

Originally from New York…I came to the Bay Area in Northern California to further my education at the University of California, in Berkeley. For many years I worked in the Aerospace and Electronics Industry as an Electro- Mechanical Designer. I became interested in photography, as it played a large role in my profession as a Designer. I found that my interests and desires in photography as an art form were growing stronger. This exciting field offered a challenge to the artist within and I made the decision to leave the design field. I enrolled as a full time student at, "The Glenn Fishback – School of Photography" in Sacramento, California. After a year of studies in Freelance Photography, I ventured out into the field. My interests were many, everything ranging from ballet to sports, portraiture, photo illustration, weddings, products, scenic and nature images..

After several years I selectively focused in on the area that I enjoyed most…Scenic and Nature Images.   In 1997 I met Lori, and since then we have become partners in photography, and life!  We live in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Mountains in Colfax, California.

Our Photographic Adventures...take us around the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Canada and beyond! We do our photographing by Land, Sea, and Air. Over the years we moved into Digital Imaging Technology which opened up both new challenges and exciting experiences. Our photographic journey into digital imaging has given us more time to do what we enjoy doing the most...capturing images as Adventurous Photographers.

"Images seen with our eyes, are recorded in our minds, then captured for all time…by the Art of Photography"

Over the last several years we added yet another facet to our work in the ever changing world of photography. Multimedia Video Productions. We produce all phases of our Multimedia Productions on DVDs & mp4's for Computer and TV.  With the new age of digital technology we are now able to explore Storytelling through our Multimedia Video Productions.