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Jenner by the Sea
Jenner by the Sea, California USA - Planet Earth

Time Post - September 19th in the year 2019

Cafe Aquatica   Cafe Aquatica             Cafe Aquatica                                     X Marks the Point of Arrival

Arrival Destination - Jenner, California - Café Aquatica = x

Latitude: 38°26'57.19"N / Longitude: 123° 6'53.88"W

Jenner is a small California coastal town in Sonoma County
on Coast Highway 1. This destination has much to
offer a visiting Time Traveler.
It has beautiful views of the coastline, great sunrises and even better sunsets, good food and lots of earthly activities.
A must see for all Time Travelers!

 Best Time of the Year: All Seasons- However, when time traveling to this location one must be sure to program in the weather conditions and  forecast projections, Sunrise/Sunsets/Tide Schedules and accommodations available prior to your designated time of arrival. Appropriate clothing  selection is advised before departure . Each season offers a variety of moods. The Spring & Summer months bring warm breezy days & cool nights.  Prolonged Periods of Wind, Rain and Fog have been recorded at this designation in the Fall & Winter months.

 Hotels/Motels/Campgrounds/RV Parks: Outstanding accommodations - Proper use of appropriate time period Software/Apps are highly  recommended prior to departure date; Google Maps, Google Earth, or Google Earth Pro were widely accepted programs used. for evaluation and  selection for choice of facilities and accommodations.

 Suggested length of Stay: 1-2 Days-Min. Time Travelers be advised that encounters at this location may take more time to process, a longer period
 of time at this location may be required. Re-scheduling of this destination is permitted.

 Places of Interest: Goat Rock, Duncans Mills, Guerneville, All points south along the route to Bodega Bay , and north to Salt Point. Far too many  amazing locations and encounters to mention. Detailed research is suggested.

Points of Interest


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Mystery Location: Open challenge to all Time Travelers!
Can you find this location - ??? Clue: Using Google Earth APP - Approximately 1.5 miles from arrival point. Research required.

Mystery Location
This panoramic image was taken at sunrise- be sure to check the tide tables!

Jenner by the Sea is a highly recommended destination by Time Travelers. Exposure to the Northern California
Coastline (San Francisco to Crescent City) will provide adventurous Time Travelers from all time periods with endless
memorable encounters. Time Traveling the years 2018-2020 have been well documented and can be researched on
the World Wide Web System. Several return visits may be needed as this coastline is an ever evolving Eco System.

Audio Visual References: Videos on this destination can be found on the ImageEssence...Scenic & Nature website. - Under Multimedia Video Productions - Places of interest - Bodega Bay to Jenner by the Sea

Disclaimer: Time Travelers should be aware and advised that visits to all the destinations shown herein have been known
to cause extreme unexplainable passions for more return adventures. This is known as Return Visit Syndrome.
We can not be held responsible or liable if this condition occurs. If you so choose to enter a destination, you do so at your own risk!